The Burbank Fire Department conducts Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training to educate and prepare the public for potential emergencies.  Participants do NOT need to be a Burbank resident to take CERT training through the City of Burbank.  The training is taught in 8 modules over four Saturdays (non-consecutive).   Attendance at all 8 modules (all 4 days) is required to complete the class; however, if you miss any modules due to life's hectic schedule, you can make up any missed modules in future Burbank CERT classes and still receive your certificate of completion.


There is a $50 partially refundable fee for the class.  This fee is a deposit and covers the expense of the CERT backpack (with starter equipment), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and a CERT manual; all of which are yours to keep at the end of the class.  Upon successful completion of the Burbank CERT class, the graduate will eligible to receive a $25 partial refund of their fee.  For additional information regarding the partial refund or missing class dates, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


To register electronically and pay by credit card, click the dark green button to the right (there is an applicable fee for online registration with credit/debit cards).  If you are paying by cash or check at that door, click on the light green button to the right and reserve a spot.  Uncertain if you can attend, walk-ins are welcome to register the first day of class at 9:00 AM on a first come - first served basis while space is available (please note only cash or check payments can be processed for walk-in and pay at the door options).

Classes are held at the Burbank Fire Training Center located at 1845 North Ontario in Burbank.  Class begins at 9:00 AM each day and run until approximately 4:30 PM each day with an hour lunch in the middle.

Fall 2023 CERT Classes

The Fall 2023 Class will be on the following days:

More information on attendance as well as time and location is located in the column to the right.