Frequently Asked CERT Training Questions

Q: The link to RSVP for walk-in registration is not working?

A: If you are unable to complete RSVP for walk-in registration through the link, please email cert@burbankfirecorps.org

Q: Why do I have to pay for the class, isn’t CERT training free?

A: You are not paying for the class; you are putting a deposit on the materials and equipment being issued to you for the class. We issue you a CERT backpack, basic starter equipment and basic personal protective equipment along with a CERT manual on day one of class; upon completion of the class you will receive a partial refund of this $50 fee and it is possible to receive the full $50 fee back as well (see below).

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We can accept certain major credit cards through on-line registration and we can only accept cash or checks for walk-in registration. (Checks should be made out to the City of Burbank - checks can take up to three weeks to process)

Q: $25 refund for successful completion? Great! But what is a "successful" completion?

A: To be eligible for the $25 partial refund, the student must successfully attend and complete all modules of that particular contiguous CERT class. Students that miss any module can make up that module in a future class and receive their certificate of completion, but will not be eligible for the partial refund. Applications for partial refund must be submitted in person on the final day of class.

Q: I can already tell I’m going to be a big volunteer! How do I get the second $25 refund?

A: Graduates that are eligible to become registered Disaster Services Worker Volunteers and are eligible to join the Burbank Fire Corps Volunteer Program (BFCP). Participants must do so within 30 days of completion of the CERT class, and must attend at least one BFCP meeting within 6 months of completion of the CERT class. Those who do, are eligible for an additional $25 partial refund. Applications for partial refund must be submitted in person at a BFCP meeting within 6 months of CERT class graduation.

Q: I’m suffering an old knee injury, but CERT seems really cool. Is there any way I can make it through the class?

A: Yes. The idea of CERT training is to build preparedness and response capacity in you. While there is definitely a physical aspect to the class, it scales with your own abilities - and it’s one of the reasons we give so much hands-on time in class.

Q: If I couldn’t do something because of that knee injury, like victim extrication, am I disqualified from that $25 partial refund for completion?

A: No. There are roles for everybody in CERT, including directing those that are untrained. As long as the student has perfect attendance, they qualify for the partial refund.

Q: What if I am registered but miss the first day of class?

A: You can show up to any of the remaining class dates, you will just need to make up the missed classes during a future Burbank CERT class in order to receive a certificate of completion (note, you will not be eligible for the partial refund).

Q: What if I am unable to attend, am I eligible for a class refund?

A: If you pre-registered and paid by credit card, you must cancel and request a refund via eventbrite no later than 9:00PM (Pacific) on the last day of ticket sales/registration. We cannot issue refunds past that time. If you paid by credit card and miss the entire series of class dates, and missed the cutoff to cancel and request a refund, your $50 fee will be credited to a future Burbank CERT class which starts within 12 months of the scheduled start date of your class. If this situation occurs, contact the CERT program coordinator at cert@burbankfirecorps.org to immediately to make arrangements.